Welcome to IMMEC

IMMEC, Inc. is a proven full service industrial contractor specializing in around-the-clock industrial contracting services for those with custom metal fabrication and industrial installation needs with an office in Social Circle, GA. Plant shutdown maintenance, whether scheduled or emergency, is our strength. Our industrial installation options range from industrial equipment/machinery repair, ductwork installations and machine guarding to custom conveyor installation, conveyor repair and industrial welding.

IMMEC strives to provide on-time, defect-free products of the highest quality, with exceptional customer service. With a commitment to Quality, Continuous Process Improvement, and On-Going Training, each IMMEC employee has a goal to give our customers products and services that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.

IMMEC meets your design, fabrication and installation needs:
  • Equipment installation
  • General sheet metal work
  • Blow pipe-fabrication and erection
  • All types of stainless work
  • Any type of aluminum work
  • Millwright work
  • Maintenance
  • Rigging & Machinery Moving
  • Steel fabrication and erection
  • Installation of aspiration systems,
    storage bins, screw conveyors
  • Dust collection
  • All types of spouting
  • Sand blasting
  • Painting
  • Concrete
  • Industrial piping
 IMMEC, Inc.

IMMEC, Inc. is dedicated to providing outstanding Customer Service to all our customers. We believe in delivering quality products in a timely manner with a healthy dose of personal attention. IMMEC will provide prompt and accurate answers to all inquiries and concerns, and offer any suggestions which may help ease our customer’s problems. Each and every employee at IMMEC is committed to making each of our customers feel they are the most important customer we have!